Weighted Blanket And Autism

Find out how weighted blankets can help children with autism and others

 Autism is one of the most common behavioral problems that occur in various parts of the world. This autism spectrum includes Asperser’s, Autism, Rhett Syndrome and other unspecified disorders that can be treated from childhood to prevent any problems in adulthood. If not treated early, the patients are not able to communicate properly. This is the reason for their erratic speech, repetitive actions, and turbulent behavior.

Of course, there are medications out there designed to help with insomnia and anxiety. But, these options do not always pan out for good. Among all the possibilities of providing proper treatment, only one therapy actually works without any side effects by using weighted blankets. The deep touch therapy is known to help the patient with autism effectively as it goes back to a basic human behavior known to calm us — being held. Clinical reviews propose that when certain weight focuses on the pressure points by touch, the mind discharges serotonin. This neurotransmitter is in charge of directing different mind functions, including rest and state of mind.

The key in the weighted autism blanket is the heaviness of the blanket, which is able to create a deep pressure. Also, the studies have shown that weighted blankets also help children with ADHD to sleep properly. The kids with autism benefit not only from the release of serotonin that the blankets help bring about but also from the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure that is a result of the calming effect. This allows for more control, and in turn, a better chance of rest.

Ages ago, native Indians used heavy blankets to wrap their children’s snuggly in a swaddle or cradle board to recreate a mother’s touch which calms the child. This is the reason why weighted blankets for autism are useful for children and adults all over the world.