Weighted Blanket for Kids and Children

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about Weighted Blankets

An excellent article about how our sleeping habits influence our health and development, and how the use of weighted blankets for children can improve both.

Sleeping takes up about a third of our lives, but most of us don’t even notice. We all struggle to keep up with what needs to get done in our day to day lives. Men and women working through the night; children and teens staying up to all hours to complete homework and projects.  It’s become common nature to “give up a good night’s sleep,” and this habit begins right from childhood. Current research has linked sleep deprivation with obesity, which means, that people who routinely don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep are 55% more likely to develop obesity.

If you’re unsure about how sleep contributes to your body, we’ve compiled below several interesting points to help motivate you.This way, you, and your family can hopefully move forward in the right direction.

  • Sleep helps children develop better learning skills.
  • In adults, sleep lessens our ability to become depressed.
  • A good night’s sleep will improve your immune system’s ability to fight off various types of fevers
  • Sleeping the right amount enhances your body’s hormones.
  • People who sleep more, typically eat less, and thus, avoid developing obesity.
  • Sleep heightens our ability to emphasize with others and makes us feel happier.
  • Athletic performance is enhanced by sleep. Therefore, all athletes prefer sleeping to shopping.
  • Sleeping helps improve our body’s muscles tone.

Implementing a sleep routine that takes into consideration the above-mentioned information, is difficult for everybody, and especially for the kids of today. Releasing serotonin in the body due to deep touch pressure can aid in sleep and this is what weighted blankets do, and why weighted blankets for children are very useful. Children with autism and sensory processing disorder often have a low level of serotonin, so the use of weighted blankets for children can become a crucial factor in a child’s development.

When choosing a weight blanket for your child, there are a few things every parent should consider:

  • If your child weighs more than 50 pounds, then a 7-pound weighted blanket for children is preferable. Usually, the consideration in choosing the weighted blanket is 10% of your child’s body weight.
  • The gentle, soft pressure of these weighted blankets for children will calm the nervous system of your son or daughter so that they can hug their blankets and just sleep.
  • As anxiety is one of the factors that causes autism, weighted blankets for children can aid in reducing and controlling these anxieties.
  • Being outside of the classroom, parents might not have noticed, but elementary school teachers, prefer using weighted blankets for children as it relaxes their curious and inquisitive minds.
  • Transporting the weighted blankets for children is easy. They can be taken anywhere and at any time. When parents take their children on vacation, there’s no problem. The weighted blankets can be taken anyplace, even camping to help the children get a good night’s sleep, even in the woods.

All the above is the reason why weighted blankets for children are favored by parents all over the world. We at weightedblanketusa.com, provide a wide range of information about weighted blankets for children. So, if you think that a weighted blanket for children could add value to your son and daughter’s health and development; then please feel free to explore the extensive information we have on our site. Who knows, it might change your life.