Weighted Blankets As a Treatment for Anxiety

Learn why weighted blankets are a popular treatment for many forms of anxiety

Most parents don’t recognize anxiety symptoms for what they are, and instead, think there is something “wrong” with their kids. Although, almost everyone experiences anxiety in some form or another, like it’s normal to feel anxious when on a rollercoaster, or watching a horror movie. Anxiety is basically in everyone’s body, and it helps us to deal with real danger as the response prepares your body to defend itself. But, anxiety is also harmful to them kids if it occurs more frequently than it should.

When a child is affected by serious anxiety attacks, then body acts as it prepares for danger. These sensations are called the “alarm reaction”, which takes place when the body’s natural Alarm System has been activated. The common symptoms are a rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, a tight or painful chest, unfocused or bright vision, choking sensations, with hot and cold flashes.

To prevent these symptoms reoccurrence, a responsible parent would start treating this anxiety from the beginning to cure it by the age of adulthood. This is why parents prefer using a weighted blanket for anxiety. While it is not exactly a ‘miracle cure’ and is more a way to help ease the symptoms rather than solve the problem, “improving sleep is an important part of helping conditions improve.”

The weighted blanket molds to your child’s body like a warm hug. The pressure also helps relax the nervous system. It’s a totally safe and effective non-drug therapy for sleep and natural relaxation. There are many websites where you can purchase the weighted blankets, but weightedblanketusa offers you top notch fabric quality with everything made in America. So, if you are looking to cure your children’s anxiety right at the beginning of childhood, then doesn’t hesitate to check out our website weightedblanketusa.com.