A Novel Remedy: Using Weighted Blankets for Adults with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is essentially a mental health issue that some individuals develop after witnessing a grave, life-threatening event, such as military combat, sexual assault, or some other type of harrowing incident. PTSD causes people to relive the vexing event, fall into depression, and struggle with bouts of anxiety on an ongoing basis, which is why this particular condition is beginning to reach near-epidemic proportions.

If you had any misconceptions or preconceived notions about the significance of PTSD in today’s day and age, take a second to review these informative facts and figures:

children’s weighted blanket

  • Approximately 1 in every 5 service members returning from the Middle East are afflicted with PTSD.
  • Due to mistreatments and misdiagnoses, PTSD medical expenses are estimated to be over $42 billion each year.
  • Over half of these costs stem from repeat healthcare appointments that fail to provide lasting curative effects.
  • Over 70% of American adults have experienced some sort of traumatic or disturbing event at least once; that’s more than 220 million people.
  • Of these individuals, up to 20% are struggling with PTSD day in and day out, which accounts for more than 31 million people.
  • Almost half of all outpatient mental health situations involve a PTSD diagnosis.
  • PTSD patients tend to struggle with severe anxiety, depression, and most notably, restless and agitated sleep bordering on full-blown insomnia.

When the symptomatic onset of PTSD arises, many sufferers reach for dangerous prescription medications and other potentially harmful substances in an effort to calm down, relax, and shed fretful feelings of nervousness. However, this type of habitual, repetitive chemical ingestion usually exacerbates the problem and incites intense mood swings, anxiety attacks, and debilitating angst, which is why so many patients are beginning to rely onweighted blanket PTSD comforters as a way to ease this incapacitating affliction.

Why Use a Weighted Blanket?
Why do renowned psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors use weighted blankets nowadays? The reason is thatit’s known as sustained deep pressure therapy (DPT), which refers to any type of intervention that stimulates positive neural responses.

Regardless of whether the patient is afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, or any other anxiety-inducing condition, a weighted blanket PTSD comforter is able to provide effectual DPT stimulation with the following benefits:

  • Increased serotonin production, the neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of well-being, bliss, and contentment.
  • Boosted release of melatonin, the hormone that helps our minds relax, de-stress, and obtain restful REM sleep.
  • Decreased mood swings, anxiety attacks, and “unwanted thoughts”.
  • Weighted blanket PTSD comforters are not only cost-effective and empirically effectual; they also feature an ergonomic construct, anti-bacterial properties, eco-friendly fabrics, and superior breathability, which make them the most impactful non-prescription PTSD treatment option available nowadays.

How to Use the Blanket
Whenever overwhelming feelings of stress, tension, or anxiety happen to arise, simply drape the blanket over the patient’s back, lap, or neck to affect an immediate change in his or her mood. The warm, compassionate embrace simulated by the weighted blanket encourages happy thoughts and a more subdued, agreeable disposition without the use of any medications, supplements, or drugs.

In our era of over-prescribed, tactless, and generic pharmaceuticals, you finally have an intuitive tool to use in the grueling battle against PTSD.

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