Cool Weighted Blanket

Can’t sleep, A cool weighted blanket could be the solution

You’re conscious, hurling around in your covers, and regardless of the extent or how hard you close your eyes, you can’t nod off. There are millions of people who face the same problem while sleeping without knowing the simplest answer to their sleeplessness, and that is weighted blankets.

At present, cool weighted blankets are helping people with, ADHD, and Asperser’s syndrome. This blankets acts as a cushioning to your body like a warm and firm hug and provides deep pressure. These cool weighted blankets act to calm the person under it, and the added weight sends a message to the brain to release neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine to relax. These cool looking weighted blankets can also help people suffering from insomnia. Many people with insomnia also have a mental imbalance due to lack of sleep, so a cool weighted blanket does not only calm anxiety but helps you get a better night’s sleep at the same time.

Originally, the occupational therapist used these cool weighted blankets for children with sensory disorders, anxiety, stress, or autism. However, they are more commonly used now for anyone who is anxious, upset, and possibly on the verge of losing control. You can look for these cool blankets anywhere on the internet or can try to stitch your own weighted blankets for your children. When seeking one for yourself, or another, adults usually prefer 15 to 30 pounds. Those with respiratory or circulatory medical conditions should not use a weighted blanket unless approved by a doctor first.